A security breach can cause an organization to suffer reputational blows, lose customer trust and incur financial loss caused by viruses and malware, ransomware and extortion, unplanned downtime, and data corruption. 

Basic protection is often ineffective against today’s growing threat of cyber attacks. Organizations face sustained cyber threats, which are growing in frequency and becoming very sophisticated. Small businesses in particular struggle with limited resources and are not adequately equipped to handle cyber security on their own. What’s more, cyber security services are in high demand, and worldwide there is a significant shortage in the cyber workforce, with IT Teams struggling internally to fill positions.

Cyber Security as a service (CSaaS) offers solutions that provide IT Teams with the critical support and expert talent they need. By augmenting or outsourcing their cyber security services, CSaaS provides businesses with managed services that are easy to install and manage, and can work with existing routers, firewalls and other technologies–all at an affordable rate.

A managed cybersecurity solution provides advanced protection against online threats and the dire consequences of security breaches.

The benefits of working with a CSaaS provider include:

Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR)

A leading in-demand service and My Security Console’s core offering, MDR is able to prevent sophisticated modern day cyber-attacks, and just as importantly, helps organizations identify and respond to incidents quickly and effectively, reducing the time to resolution and minimizing the impact of a security breach.

Systems are actively monitored using automated analytics and live cybersecurity experts who assess threat information and support IT personnel to quickly contain and resolve issues and keep businesses up and running.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Remote scanning allows for network monitoring and reduces the likelihood of incidents. Cloud security scanners check external access to networks, protecting them from unauthorized access due to incorrect security policies or configuration errors. Security breaches caused by human error and common firewall misconfigurations are effectively prevented.

Cost Savings

Getting security right takes time and expertise. Getting it wrong can result in costly breaches, ransomware and lost revenue due to unplanned downtime. A managed cyber security service solves this problem by taking on the cybercriminals and allowing staff to focus on the projects and activities that drive business. More importantly, the CSaaS model saves money by delivering a cloud-based service with several scalable options. Businesses pay only for the services they need.

A More Agile IT Environment

For many SMBs, IT environments are already strained and could not adequately handle a cyber attack on their own.  CSaaS offerings provide IT personnel with expertise, technology and critical support by immediately detecting and responding to threats, and taking measures to prevent them.

Businesses can tap into the specialized knowledge of certified and experienced cybersecurity experts, who can advise them about the cost benefits and options of outsourcing security options, augmenting existing technologies through integration or planning a cybersecurity strategy.

CSaaS service providers like My Security Console  offer affordable, on-demand solutions that can meet today’s growing cyber security challenges.